Veinte Veinte

King Short introducing new release – Veinte Veinte


A perfect combination of exciting hooks, beautiful sonic aesthetics and a great arrangement.

King Short is an artist and songwriter with a focus on creating edgy songs, with a love for different influences. His most recent studio release, Veinte Veinte, is a combination of Latin, Hip-Hop, and R&B, making for a unique and highly rewarding combination of styles that keep the attention span of the listener high.

The tracks feels like a perfect compromise between energy and melody, making for a truly exciting feel. The verses are slightly held back, in order to allow the main hooks to really stand out and branch out. This is when the release reaches is absolute apex, and when the song has its greatest emotional payoff, really bringing the point home! The song’s intro has a soaring build-up, really perfect to set the mood and pave the way for the rest of this release to unfold. The atmosphere of the music is truly engrossing, and the sound of this song is quite distinctive, providing an honest portrait of King Short as a songwriter and artist. He knows what he wants to say with this single, and because of his instinctive approach, it is very easy for listeners to find a genuine connection. The artwork of this release is also pretty spot-on, giving the music an amazing context. Many review writers actually never really focus on talking about the artwork, but to me, it’s a really important part of packaging music and sharing it with the audience, so it definitely deserves to be explored a little bit more in general. In this case, the artwork has a very simple concept at its core, but it’s so in tune with the music and it really helps the artist establish his image in a very direct way. This release is the perfect combination of great aesthetics and beautiful sounds, showcasing their artist’s brand to perfection!


Ultimately, this release is a winner because it is a perfect blend of fantastic production quality, and astonishing performance skills. King Short is truly committed to creating meaningful heart, and the amazing energy of Veinte Veinte speaks for itself. This is definitely a must for any fan of artists like Juice WRLD, Kanye West, and Drake, only to mention a few.


Find out more about King Short and do not miss out on Veinte Veinte, which is currently available on the web:

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