Tony Amey BIO

I’m an independent artist from Atlanta, Georgia and I and sign my work under the artist name Tony Amey.

I find inspiration in many places and have traveled to UK, West Germany, Japan, Caribbean, etc. which has influenced my creative style and process. I create music because of the love I have for music and the universal effect it can have across barriers.. I specialize in many styles of writing but have always gravitated towards Inspirational music. and I focus on things that installs love, hope, joy, persistence to dream and the will to live trough life with optimism.. I also enjoy working with people that have and allow me to use my creative imagination..

My style is International Contemporary Christian Gospel . I am motivated by Life and Family. I’ve been creating art for awhile now. I have many Artist I admire one of my favorite artist is Sam Cook and I find his work to be Engaging! I connect with the art community by writing and producing with artist and giving back to my community through many programs.

My work can be found on Spotify, Apple music, iTunes, Amazon music etc..

When people hear my work, I hope they feel Inspired.

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