Simpatico bio

Simpatico is a producer from South Central Los Angeles. Describing his style as ‘chill lo-fi hip-hop/future R&B,’ the young artist creates a dreamy nostalgic world of sounds with his lush and expansive productions. It’s the type of music that transports the listener to another level where they can forget their troubles one song at a time.

Growing up in LA, Simpatico was surrounded by a world of violence and poverty. Music offered him relief from all the strife. He fell in love with the passionate release of rock music, but it was the discovery of French house producer Darius that inspired him to start producing. After a few years as a hobbyist, he decided to make a career out of it in 2018. His official debut is the single ‘Moonrise,’ a chilled out instrumental with nostalgic spacey vibes perfect for nights in candlelight. His upcoming single “Tonight” features the talented up and coming smooth singer Ivylesson who brings a catchy, sexy, yet nostalgic track about romance overseas.

A deep thinker and a hopeless romantic, the depth of feeling in Simpatico’s music sets him apart from the crowd. He draws inspiration from his hometown, the clash between city and nature, and the way people interact with their constantly changing world. “I see love as fiction transcribed into music,” he explains. “It’s the only way for me to express myself when I’m surrounded by chaos.”

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