Sacáj’s Bio

Sacáj’s Bio
An enthralling singer/songwriter, Danece Alia Jácas, commonly known as Sacáj, is a passionate
emerging talent whose soulful, honeyed tone is a refreshing delicacy to modern day Jamaican
Born and raised in the ‘banana parish’ St. Mary, the home of Tanya Stephens, Lady Saw, Beres
Hammond, Capleton, Ninja Man and many others. Sacáj discovered her talent at the wee age of
six (6) where she sang on the church choir for the first time – the quintessential starting point for
all great musicians. She’s never stopped singing since.
Often considered shy, Sacáj never dreamed of being immersed in the music industry. However,
with her involvement in the music club at St. Mary High School, she found her voice and honed
in on her unique tone. At the age of 18, the transition to her university life in Kingston also kickstarted her recording career.
Her musical taste ranges from an array of genres: from reggae to neo-soul to pop and r&b. She
compares her silky tone and style to artistes such as H.E.R., Jhenè Aiko, Summer
Walker. Sacáj regards herself as the new face of music, and she is determined to engrave her
name among the greats.
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