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Perditio Releases Collaborative Debut Album “Delectably Dark”

“Delectably Dark” Available Now on All Streaming Platforms 


(San Francisco, CA) April XX, 2021 — Perditio released their debut house album “Delectably Dark” made by a collective of artists from all over the world.

“Delectably Dark” fills listeners with high energy afro, tech, deep, and bass house sounds. The 11-track album is a compilation of songs and artists highlighting the uniqueness of the house genre. 

Perditio is determined not to let the genre be boxed in by any means. Hence the blend of house genres, groundbreaking producers, and cross continental studios it took to create the masterpiece album.

While each slice of “Delectably Dark” is unique, listeners will also hear commonalities that bond the artists and genre of House into a true solid force of nature.

“We recognize our platform could be used to build unforgettable experiences with artists that help them break into larger markets. We curate the fun. The energy we want to convey to our audience in every interaction is: Perditio is where the fun lives. When it’s all about the music, you build a community of people that can always find the fun.” – Perditio 


“Delectably Dark” is available now on all major platforms. Follow Perditio on Instagram or visit their website for updates on future releases.


About Perditio


Perditio is an independent record label founded by a team of misfits that envision immersive technology as the bridge for artists, venues, and events promoters to engage with audiences today and in the future. They are “rebels” dedicated to helping independent artists, venues, and event promoters push the established boundaries of audience engagement. We focus on what is most important, the music. Sharing only the grooviest house music in the world.


We just released a Various Artists Compilation album called Delectably Dark that features artists from around the world including South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Angola, Australia, Mexico, and California.

Here is a link to the Delectably Dark album:

Our IG handle is perditioinc

The album includes 11 tracks that are House, Afro House, Tech House, Deep House, and Bass House influenced .

We appreciate the help!
-The Perditio Team???

YouTube Video Link:

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