PA. J-Dub

Coming from Pittsburgh, PA. J-Dub started with a neighborhood crew under Infamous Clique before entering the Marines. While serving the United States Marines, he hooked up with other Marines from different areas in the U.S. and they formed Doin Me Entertainment to show their ability in music. Shortly after forming this entity of artists, they begun to release various mixtapes but was somewhat local to the North Carolina scene. The Doin Me Ent squad consisted of Q-Al, Murda Rell, KG, and J-Dub. Eventually more ears started tuning in to the music, later acts such as Pitts and Laudano also joined in.

Years later, roughly around 2011, the Doin Me Entertainment disbanded to pursue other things in life or other crews around. J-Dub happened to run into another local guy by the name of Big Puu at a show. The two eventually collab on two songs but turned the solo efforts into a full-fledge group project with others by the names of J. Craver, J.T. Again, and Yung Slim and formed the start of 252 B.A.N.G. Gang (Bringin A New Generation) . Now knowing that there were others from other places, the name just went by B.A.N.G. Gang which consisted of different crews that were doing music as well.

After a long hiatus of focus to music, J-Dub started to bring that “Doin Me” phrase back just under Doin Me Global as he eventually found new meaning to “Doin Me” which is Marines all over the world, that’s the Global part. Now back and with a new moniker, J-DubDMG to separate self a bit more.

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