Mambo Bio

Inspired and composed by Carlos Calle an Ecuadorian Native that migrated to the USA at age 3 and joined the USMC @ 17yrs old.

Began his passion for music at age 15 singing with a local band and forming his own band playing keyboards in high school.

After returning from a tour from USMC returning to his hometown of Yonkers, NY returning to his love for music began singing and performing in New York local venues again in the 80’s after being set up and incarcerated didn’t stop him from persuing his passion for music.

In 1987 landing a job with a Marketing Group for CAMEL & Salem Promotions handed the Camel Joe Account for the Hispanic Market working with Music Promoter and Icon Ralphy Mercado, David Maldonado, Juan Toro (RMM) in the Latin Industry alongside Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Gran Combo, Grupo Niche, Ruben Blades, Oscar De Leon, Joe Arroyo, Papo Lucca, Tito Nieves, El Canario among other musical icons.

In 2006 decades later after my divorce I returned to music. Eventually I came across Tito Puente Jr. in Miami at an event where he was receiving an award on behalf of his father The Late Tito Puente and I recognized him and he sat with us at the awards ceremony. At that time Tito Jr. was not performing and eventually he surprised me with his Mambo Movement paying Tribute to his late father “ Tito Puente El Rey Del Timbal.

A real challenge to play up to his father’s name. However he was determined and evolving to take the reign and passing over the torch of Mambo King Legacy!

New Years Eve 2017 I while I was in a homeless shelter after a bad relationship. I got invited to a local venue to end the year with Tito Puente Jr. As Tito Puente Jr was setting up at Ball & Chain he told he was ready to do the song and I was Super Suprised Again?

Amazingly enough I got the support from my great friend Luis Disla whom new alot of my personal life decided to help me along was also my Bro Marlow Rosado and with the support of Tito Puente Jr. I then brought together my network of Musical Guro’s from Puerto Rico, Republica Dominicana, Ecuador, Venezuela,Cuba,Colombia & Nicaragua and The Mambo King Tribute was born.

Thus sharing the origin of Salsa from Mambo and Cha Cha Cha among other latin musical masterpieces that Tito Puente inspired many from all over the world. This is a club remix of the original salsa version of Mambo 20 available on all major platforms.

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