My music is not for everyone.

For this I don’t have much following.. My music is for a few.

Few people can understand what’s behind my lyrics, and these people in turn have touched the darker parts of themselves.. Or they just love electronic rock haha

Writing this album was a real undertaking.

Not only go against time, but also against myself.

And I cried a lot while writing the lyrics of the songs..

The emotions are really strong this time.

I have to tell the truth, I’m satisfied but not too satisfied with this album.

It’s sad, full of anger, and that’s not what I want to convey..

I would have liked to convey more hope during my journey with music, and instead life played its cards and led me to write those lyrics.

These are things that everyone should hear, of course, what I write is not just music.

I tell the truth that people hide within themselves.

The part that we often don’t want to show..

In short, this album is the story of how an innocent, the one who was once the victim, becomes an executioner himself.

Explain what led him to become what he is.

The prey becomes the predator.

Because we are all always good at pointing the finger at the bad of the situation, without ever asking ourselves the reason for that gesture.

After all, we are nothing but victims of other victims.

Who survives, who gets crushed, and the result varies from person to person.

My evolution is certainly not beautiful..

I wondered, after the events of the previous album “The Outcast” how would it end?

Because yes, I left things unfinished.

In the video of “After All This Pain” we see the good part, innocent, which is forced to face the dark part, the demons, what we have been forced to become.. To survive.

But the ending is open, everyone interprets in his own way.

Well, as I see it, the dark side ultimately prevails over the good and innocent, and hence the single “Victim” which led to the creation of this new album called “Life”.

From an image in my head that portrays my dark side, which after the fight buried the good side under the ground, and after all that effort, thinking he has got what he wanted, he remains alone, in a dark and cold place, wondering “What now?”

So the dark side realizes that he has nothing left, so he seeks revenge.

Revenge on everything that made him become what he is now.

As usual, I hope this touches the right people, because not everyone will understand.

I hope to give hope to those who hit rock bottom.





“Unlovable” is a song about being loved.

They tell us that the first step to being loved is to love ourselves.

I don’t think so..

How can anyone love a person who has never been loved?

Sometimes, we constantly disappoint the people around us, sometimes, we are not enough, and sometimes we decide to close in on ourselves, because we are tired of suffering..

And I wonder, is right what they say? The “Living for yourself”..

Someone like me wouldn’t make it.

A world so full of people and all of them just living for themselves, as selfish.. It’s a bad scenario for me.

As usual, I blame society, because in the end we created this world.

So the fault is ours alone, and those who come later just have to adapt. Either so or you suffer.

We love ourselves based on how many people really love us. This is the truth.

I’ve spent my life waiting and looking for someone who really cared about me, I think that’s what everyone wants.


– Zack Skyes

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