Kevin Wendell Jones

Kevin Wendell Jones is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. He is an award winning filmmaker, composer, sound designer, musician and VFX generalist who won international recognition through his work.
He started playing flute at age 7 and then transitioned to piano at the tender age of 9. At 12 he entered into Johns Hopkins Peabody Conservatory to studio piano and music theory. At 19 he joined the US Army for a career in communications and in the winter of 1987 he teamed up with some fellow military members and help form the showband group called Essence. Later that year they won 1st place in the 1st Armored Division Showband Competition in Europe.
In 2004 he returned to his roots of music and wrote and produced 2 albums. The first album was, “From Me, To You” that consisted of an amazing 41 tracks and the following year he released his follow up album, “Bringing Back The Funk”.
In 2012 he started writing music for a variety of film trailers and scores for indie films.

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