This is one song off the album that my son and I recorded this year. We are from New Jersey, here is a brief description of how these songs came about. A little less than a year ago I had a song idea and as I was writing the music and lyrics, I thought wow it’s too bad I can’t sing. A day or two later I heard my talented son Joey practicing his vocal parts from a show for which he was preparing. A lightbulb went off and 14 songs later we have this collection of music that we worked on together. Joey on vocals and me doing guitar, bass, drums and other random sounds. I’ve been making music since the fifth grade and without a doubt the most rewarding experience has been writing and recording these songs with my son. I started off with a fairly rudimentary knowledge of recording and through making a ton of mistakes and correcting them we learned how to make music in my home office. It’s an experience that I’m truly grateful for and I’m excited to share these songs. Everyone in my family contributed. The album cover was photographed my my son Christopher and poor Lisa had to sit through hours of me playing various parts, deriding myself, and playing them again and again. If you listen closely you can even hear our dog Roxy in a song

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