Jayda Marie

Many people have underestimated the New York native Jayda Marie, which is why her consistency and dedication can’t go unnoticed. Jayda Marie is an aspiring multi-talented artist who is hovering the world with her fresh sounds and unique style. Jayda Marie became involved in music at the age of 18 months with her father known as Sir-Prize. From recording her first song titled “Pee in the Potty,” to writing and co-producing her first mixtaple titled “The Clocktables’s 1st Lady” at the age of 9. In early 2016 Jayda’s mother, Ursula Jones, joined her management team and Jayda’s team was complete and things began to flourish.

Jayda Marie started generating a huge buz after releasing her second mixtape titled “The Resurrection” at the age of 16, in 2016. On songs like ” That’s Why They Mad” and “Kim K”, Jayda was able to showcase her carefree attitude and bubbly personality, which attracted millions of streamers and thousands of new fans. Jayda didn’t stop there, she continued to flood the airwaves with new music and visuals the world couldn’t deny. Now at 18, Jayda Marie is in preparation to release her new EP titled “The Jaywave” in 2018. With this project, Jayda plans to take those that were resurrected and make them follow her wave. In her words, “People have been sleeping on me, so now that I have their attention It’s time to make them join the wave.” Stay tuned!!
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Jayda.marie.ford
IG: https://www.instagram.com/imjaydamarie


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