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bio:Underground artist named Golden from Birmingham Alabama with a Toronto based sound. Coming from poverty with an absent father and mother,growing up moving between Chicago, Atlanta, and his native land. Never spending much time anywhere hindering him from establish and real relationships due to every life event being short term, translating into his relationships now. Never being able to give any girl all he can in fear that it will all just up and disappear when he gets comfortable. Having very few friends due to causing much trouble in his younger life in pursuit of respect he wouldn’t get due to wearing the same clothes and never having money or anything his peers had, which he turned to violence to do so . He thought if they wouldn’t respect him they would fear him. Due to abusive siblings and poor parenting his emotional trauma has bled into his adult life. Trusting no one and very few people in his reclusive circle numbing him to desire any relationship with anyone and even still distrusting his closest friends with the deep truth that everyone is temporary. Creative expression has been the only permanent force he has known to have never left him he is using music as outlet to express his pain and make a better life for himself and people around him.


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