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Hi everyone!

My name is IamPseudoX and I am a current private learning instructor, as well as a graduate student at Georgia Southern University. The program I am currently in is what I like to call an M.Ed version of data science because the main focus is learning, evaluation, research, and assessment – with a lot of statistics mixed in. Since my program is online, I am currently living in Charlotte, NC, and working as a “pod” learning instructor. When not studying or working, I love to travel (circumstances permitting) and am an avid athlete. I played rugby while in college and am still actively involved with the local club:)

While the majority of my career experience has been in Education and Public Relations, though my interests in statistics and data, I have decided to enter the field of data science. I recently completed the IBM Data Science course as a way to get started in the field, without having a computer science background. I loved learning through MetaFans and plan to take additional courses.

From this community, I would love to connect with peers entering a career in data science, with no background in computer science or a related field. I am very interested to see what others are doing to get jobs in the field and what has helped/not helped to get those jobs. My goal is to work remotely, so if anyone also has advice about that, I would love to connect!

I look forward to connecting!

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