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ChaseThatMoney is a Pacific Northwest native, born and raised in Spokane, Washington. Chase found his passion for music in his early teens while going through a dark place. Music was his outlet to get through some of the challenges he faced in his life. One of the most important parts of making music to him is to help others around him press on through hard times. As somebody who didn’t necessarily write music to help others from the start, Chase found that the real passion behind his music was influencing others in a positive way and helping them feel like they weren’t alone. ChaseThatMoney’s goal for his music is to gain exposure so that more people feel like they have another outlet as they go through the many challenges that life brings. He will be achieving just that in the year 2021 with his recently released album “This Is Me”, where Chase digs deeper into some of the struggles he has faced in recent life, hoping to connect and relate with his fans.

ChaseThatMoney is an artist from Pacific Northwest who is on a mission to spread love and positivity. His newly released album “This Is Me” has fans excited and on replay. One of the most played songs, “Hold It Down”, is relatable in many ways because everybody wants somebody to hold it down for them.
So, without further ado, ChaseThatMoney’s “Hold it Down”.

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