Annie Washington Bio

Annie Washington is a woman who strives to do the best in life..Sometimes misunderstood by the tone of my voice and what I say Yet I have a heart of gold But I thank God that I can share my vocals with those who listen. Started with Southern Soul in  November 2017 I have worked with some talented producers and artists such as Damien Strauder and Mark “Epick” Davenport (Heavy House Productions)Jeter Jones, DJ Scruggs, Brent Latin, Tanji Jefferson, and Ronald Jefferson to get my songs out and moving… I have shared the stage with many talented artists and I plan on continuing my journey on the path that God has set before me. I have recorded several songs for example: Can’t Keep Loving You Show Pony Rocks Me Thick Pocketbook 3 Legs Country Roots
Man Like You,
Just Stay In My Saddle
also collaborated with other artist to sing “Just Like A Woman” and contributed to the album “Don’t Be Fooled” on “Just Like A Woman” Album


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