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Angry B’s new single is a funny take on human reactions on the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic

While the whole world is in panic mode with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, a little humor in between can be a good way to release tensions and calm yourself down a bit. This is why the talented singer and composer Angry B has released his newest single titled “Hey Corona! (Nice to Meet Ya), that highlights the funny side of the whole crisis, talking about the human reactions and raising the important question like; Who is more destructive – the virus or the humans themselves?. The song may be satirical but doesn’t tone down the critical situation the world is facing right now.

“It’s one of the most critical situations we had in the past and there will be a lot of sad stories connected with it. The song should motivate the people to calm down, bring back some joy and normality in a time without the well-known structures. Further, it doesn’t help to freak out and to go to buy and store toilet paper for the next 20 years”, states Angry B.

Although the song is filled with dark humor, it does not make a joke about the serious disease, which Angry B needs to be applauded for. He rather makes many valid points in his song, raising issues that make us question our response and reactions in times like this. “We need to get through this situation together – and if we need to stay at home for longer, there is still some room for one or more laughter. To laugh, to play music, to sing or just to be in another universe for sometimes is one of the best medicine available right now – and you can even do it just for yourself – alone”, the artist adds further.

Angry B’s new song is supposed to encourage people to stay positive and find hope in a critical situation. There is nothing funny about the destruction caused by the virus but the response of the many people around the world is surely funny, which is what he depicts in this song.

For the artist, music is more like a hobby, something that he loves to do and gradually working to improve it further. Even for this project, he got a chance to connect with many musicians internationally and this is what he enjoys-to bring ideas, inspiration, and people together for specific projects.

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